Flush Valve Series

WCS-02AC Infrared W/C Flush Valve
with Manual Operation
URS-02-AC Infrared Urinal Flush Valve
with Maual Operation
WC01-BOX Concealed WC Flush Valve
(Box type)
UR01-BOX Concealed Urinal Flush Valve
(Box type)
BAS-01-AC Infrared Basin Tap
BAS-03-AC Infrared Basin Tap
BAS-05-AC Infrared Wall Basin Tap
SC05W Self Closing Wall Basin Tap
SC02 Self Closing Pillar Basin Tap
SC03 Self Closing Pillar Basin Tap
SC03A Self Closing Pillar Basin Tap
SC04W Self Closing Wall Basin Tap
UR01BP Urinal Flush Valve
UR01C Self-Closing Urinal Flush Valve
UR01CSPP Self Closing Urinal Flush Valve
UR09BP Urinal Flush Valve
WC01A-PP Concealed WC Flush Valve
Palm Push Button
UR01C-CONCEALED Concealed Urinal Flush Valve
WC01-CONCEALED Concealed WC Flush Valve
WC01 Exposed WC Flush Valve
WC01B Low Pressure WC Flush Valve
UR02 Urinal Brass Spud
UR03 Urinal Rubber Spud
WCRS WC Rubber Spud
URCN Urinal Muslim
Cleansing Nozzle
WC02 WC Brass Spude
WC03 WC Vacuum Breaker
WC03A WC Vacuum Breaker
UR03-6 Urinal Proliferated Pipe
WC05 L Pipe
WC04 Straight Pipe
WC06 WC Inlen Pipe
AVS01 Anti Vandal Shower Head
AVBT01 Anti Vandal Basin Tap
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